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Our birds are all housed in aviaries and trained using positive reinforcement being encouraged to come to the gloved hand through bonding and trust…. ask and reward the try.  We aim to allow them to exhibit their individual natural behaviour, whilst flying willingly to the public and their handler.

Our birds are amazing flyers - they love it.   In their training we have taken what they show us and enhanced this behaviour, to create some incredibe flights. As the birds experiment more with their skills, they increase their self confidence, and then show us even more. Training these birds is a privilege, exciting, and inspirational. We would love to share this experience with you.

All our pre-booked activities are private sessions in the mornings during which we are closed to the day visiting public.  FREE entry to the Centre.

Our Bird of Prey Activities are available every day of the week, but there will be no 'Afternoon with the Birds' on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday, except Bank Holidays.

We invite you to meet our birds, to enjoy their flights, and to fly them yourself!  Our birds fly really close to you, some sit on your tables, others swoop over your head, or run around on the floor - each bird has its own personality and way of going, and they all fly to your gloved hand during our experiences.

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Maximum for any one Experience purchased through us is usually four participants, although larger groups can be catered for.


If you would like to bring along members of your family to watch, take photos, or simply relax and enjoy without flying, there is a Spectator Fee payable as noted on the individual activity details.  We endeavour to make everyone's day a special experience.