1st April - 30th September 2019 


OPEN: 12.30 - 5PM


If you are planning a group visit please give us a call on 01643 862816.

Visit us for  a light lunch of baguettes or sandwiches, or one of our renowned Somerset Cream Teas with local clotted cream and Somerset made Strawberry Jam with a tea of your choice!  Herbal teas our speciality!

IMG 1233

All our food is freshly prepared in our kitchens and served to your table in the garden or our delightful dining room in our 15th century farmhouse.  Our food is locally sourced, with local farm fresh vegetables, locally baked cakes and local clotted cream teas!

Our Gardens are a delight to escape to, and our friendly chickens, garden birds and macaws will always be pleased to entertain you in return for a few crumbs, and to help you relax!

Milo the macaw

Things you need to know about our Macaws:

  • they do not fly away, because they live here, this is their home and their place of daily rest and relaxation.
  • they sit happily on their perches so they can talk to you, and you to them, and they are at the highest point, so they feel safe and secure
  • they are free to move around or fly down if they so wish
  • they enjoy the company of our visitors because they are group living birds naturally and need company
  • they are returned to their cages/aviaries at night to feed, chat, rest and sleep
  • their lives reflect ours - out in the day to socialise, and relax at home in the evening!