History of Rainbow Riches Farm

Rainbow Riches Animal Farm is not your regular farm: we act as an animal rescue shelter, too; and we provide lessons on how to protect and care for farm animals to kids and adults alike. Since our very core is animal welfare, we want to teach people to have a sense of respect for animals and see them as friends and as living beings, too. For this, we have many methods: instructional classes about animal care and rearing, a petting zoo... among many others. The farm is a paradise for those seeking to get a more intimate bond with nature and wanting to be more considerate towards animal lives.

History of Rainbow Riches Animal Farm

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact point in time where Rainbow Riches started: we could say it started when Terrence Johnson, still in primary school, saw a crow with a broken wing and decided to take it home. After nursing the crow back to health, the bond had grow so strong that little Terry had given the crow a name: Blackie. Blackie also considered Terry as a friend and created a nest in Terry's backyard, never going too far from it; which tugged at Terry heartstrings so much that he decided to become a veterinary ! After that, he started working at animal shelters during his free time and in college met friends like Segolene, an aviary biologist; and John, a veterinary classmate.

The three of them together created the non profit organization "Rainbow Animals" which was dedicated at making people be more respectful and conscientious of animal lives; but when Segolene suggested branching out towards bird protection and conservation, a project started to form in their minds. The friends knew they had to get a more hands-on approach in this matter because a lot of people didn't see farm animals, or exotic birds, in the same way they would see a pet: they consider them meat dispensaries and not much else. They realized a lot of people, specially city people, had never seen a cow or a rabbit up close, so they couldn't really see it as a friend; so they decided that this project should be geared towards making people interact more closely with animals. Not long after that, they bought a farm and created Rainbow Riches Animal Farm as we know it now.

Rainbow Riches Farm Today

But Rainbow Riches Animal Farm has changed a lot from its origins! Starting out as a small farm that only had room for a small amount of animals and could only house a rescue bird at a time, it has turned into an amazing, still-growing project which accounts for over 60 farm animals, 20 petting zoo animals, 27 in-house birds (and can accept other 10 rescue birds), 80 employees and has several different installations to provide classes and lessons for people to get acquainted with farm life and be able to interact with all types of animals!