Play with our owl named Rainbow Riches Slingo!

On an animal farm of magic and wonder lived many Rainbow Riches creatures. But none were as remarkable as Rainbow Riches Slingo, an extraordinary owl. Born out of love as the sun rose on the first day of spring, everyone knew that there was something special about her. Rainbow Riches Slingo was an exquisite owlet, eager to learn and always happy. From a young age she proved she was intelligent beyond her years and had the biggest heart out of everyone on the animal farm.

The history of life

The older Rainbow Riches Slingo grew the more popular she became, but the eagles always remained her closest friends. She was loved for her wisdom and kindness and although she may not have been the most agile, her friends loved to see her fly. Her and the eagles would have many incredible adventures together, playing side by side as best friends do. As the eagles would fly off into the distance and use their beady eyes to spot prey, Rainbow Riches Slingo would wisely map out their next adventure around the amazing animal farm they call home.

Little Owl Rainbow Riches Slingo

She was always there to save the day, whether it was to concoct a simple plan to rescue a youngling or to share her catch of the day with the others on animal farm. Rainbow Riches Slingo owl was always there to help. Furthermore, she always took it in her stride, never gloating or being even secretly smug. She felt it was her destiny to help all those Rainbow Riches on animal farm and used her friendships with the eagles to support her.

Play with our owl named Rainbow Riches Slingo!

With her strong sense of morals and caring nature, as a fully grown owl, Rainbow Riches Slingo is the most popular creature on her animal farm, loved by all who come to visit her. Before they've even got to know her they are awed by her snowy white feathers and big bewitching eyes. As she tilts her head acting all coy, guests can't resist but flock to her to give her goodies. Rainbow Riches Slingo is brave and knows these visitors love her, so allows them to play with her. She flies over animal farm above their heads, stretching her wings as the sun silhouettes her. She particularly likes to be stroked on her back and coos gently as the guests do so, which in turn gives her even more goodies from them.

Play with owl Rainbow Riches Slingo

Visitors are aplenty as word has gone around about this beautiful owl called Rainbow Riches Slingo. On the rare occasions that there are no guests, she will hunt with the eagles and bring back a feast for all on animal farm. Rainbow Riches Slingo has become an icon among visitors and Rainbow Riches alike and in turn has become a beacon of strength and courage, always there for others on animal farm and beyond.

As a wonderful creature with a heart of gold and wisest mind, who wouldn't want to visit the Rainbow Riches' animal farm and bask in her glory? It's the opportunity of a lifetime and one not to be missed; so visit now and play with the incredible Rainbow Riches Slingo!