Welcome to Rainbow Riches Animal Farm!

Have you always dreamed of a hands-on farm where you can see more exotic animals up close? Are you worried about animal welfare, and have become wary of zoos that buy and breed animals in captivity and keep them in non optimal conditions? Then don't worry anymore! Rainbow Riches Animal Farm is your dreamland. We are proud to present you an animal farm that protects the animals, cares for them and doesn't turn them into livestock.

About Rainbow Riches Animal Farm

For the first, we want to say big thank to Rainbow Riches website for helping our farm! They have done a lot to ensure, that we can exist and grow.

We take pride in hiring only highly trained professionals in the area of veterinary, biology, animal rearing and other areas of animal care. Our workers love animals as much as us so they always make sure they are happy, healthy and comfortable.

The animals are not only not bought or bred in captivity, but they are often rescues (meaning we take them from the wild when they are endangered or sick, we rehabilitate them and we reintroduce them into the wild once they are healthy enough) and the rescues that cannot be reintroduced into the wild (there is animals that, whatever be the reason, wouldn't do well in nature) we keep, we care for and we train so they don't see humans as a threat. So to say, all our animal friends are "ethically sourced" and we don't exploit them or make them into livestock.

We keep plenty of farm animals like pigs, sheep, rabbits, goats or horses, which are human-acquainted and can be interacted with in our petting zoo; but we also keep more "exotic" animals like owls, eagles and other types of birds, which are the bulk of our rescues.

Rainbow Riches Animal Farm

Some of them are human trained and can be interacted with, but only under certain circumstances, as not to distress them (only groups of under 10 people, and during the dusk hours. Please contact us beforehand if you would like to interact with the birds, as there's limited entry rules and it could happen that we don't have any free spots during your stay in the farm).

Rainbow Riches Birds Farm

In addition, we offer classes and lessons on a variety of farm-related topics: from how to care for rabbits or hand rear chicks, to how to milk a cow and produce cheese. All the classes are family friendly and OK for kids aged five and up. However, we would like the parents to remind the children that animals are not toys and they should exercise care when interacting with them, and also to listen very carefully to our instructors as not to cause accidents.

Working hours and how to buy tickets

Rainbow Riches Animal Farm is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 10pm (up until 11pm for the bird shows) and on Saturdays from 9am to 6pm. Classes/lessons hours may vary. The bird shows are only on Monday to Friday from 9pm to 11pm (contact us for a weekend show) and tickets can be purchased both online or in-person either by cash or by card. For more information on this and for ticket purchase, please consult our "schedule and tickets" section in our website.